GP / Referrer Information

Information for referring GPs and other professionals

About the Team

Mullumbimby Psychology has a team of experienced and highly qualified clinical, counselling, and other registered psychologists. We employ CBT and other evidence-based strategies with our psychologists chosen for their high levels of empathy as well as their clinical competence. With experience across the lifespan we work with expectant mothers, parents, couples, families, children, youth, adults and older adults.

Our team of psychologist have diverse backgrounds, interests, ages and life experience to help make the service suitable for a wide range of clients. Our intake team includes onsite degree qualified receptionists who work with our team on a daily basis. They have a strong knowledge of each psychologists’ background, areas of expertise and personal style and importantly availability to facilitate booking in with a suitable psychologist. We maintain a detailed ‘skills matrix’ of experience to help facilitate clients being seen by a suitable psychologist.

Referral Pathways and Details

Guide to Referrals – GPs Please click this link for step by step information on providing Mental Health Care Plan and Healthy Minds/Connect to Wellbeing referrals.

Mullumbimby Psychology accept a wide range of referrals including under Better Access, ATAPS, Healthy Minds, WorkCover, Insurance and Veteran Affairs. We are no longer offering a bulk-billing clinic however continue to offer a range of free services to eligible clients (such as Health Minds, Veteran Affairs, WorkCover and EAP). Some psychologists provide concession rates to clients struggling with financial hardships.

Under Better Access, eligible patients can receive Medicare rebates for up to 10 individual counselling sessions in a calendar year and 10 group sessions in a calendar year. Under ATAPS, eligible patients can receive Medicare rebates for up to 12 individual counselling sessions in a calendar year and 12 group therapy sessions in a calendar year.

Making a Referral

We request that referral letters by GP’s and other health care providers be accompanied by a Mental Health Care Plan.
We accept referrals by hand delivery from patients, email, fax, post or Medical Objects.

We recommend making out a referral to ‘The Psychologist’ at Mullumbimby Psychology. Being a busy practice, waitlists can fluctuate and clients often have limited days that they can to attend, financial constraints combined with specific clinical needs which our intake team assess. If you would like to make a referral out to a particular psychologist, we will do our best to book in with that psychologist as a first preference however we will look to others in the team as required to ensure the client can be seen in a timely fashion and take their other needs into account. Should you send a referral that we are unable to assist with or in suitable timeframe we will inform you.

When you refer to us, we will write to you after your client is seen at the initial session and after key review points. Client progress is monitored using a range of assessment tools as required including the Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale (DASS 21). When we have concerns for a client’s safety we will contact you and work consultatively to help create a care plan for the client.

Our psychologists are available to come and meet with you or your Practice Manager to help facilitate a smoother referral process, as a meet and greet or to provide training in mental health areas of interest.

Waitlists and Client Contact

Please note if you make a referral to us, we will wait for the client to contact us directly before initiating contact. This is due to privacy reasons, not all clients wish to activate their referrals and we want to respect privacy by checking we have appropriate contact details. (Many clients are more sensitive about people knowing they are seeing a psychologist as compared to a doctor).

Once we receive contact from your client we will inform them if a suitable psychologist is available or a provide a rough indication of waitlist timeframes. If offered to go on the waitlist clients may need to ‘opt-in’ and complete intake paperwork before securing a place.

Referrals for Family Members

Mullumbimby Psychology due to adhering to strict ethical guidelines as required by our profession do not accept referrals by GPs or treating practitioners for their family members. If you have a family member that requires a referral, please request they attend an alternative practitioner that our psychologists can then liaise with regarding treatment.

GP Self Care

Like most helping professions, GPs can experience burn-out and benefit from professional support. Just as you support us with our physical health, we are available to support you with your mental health when required.

Contact Us

For more information or to make an appointment, contact us on our Live Chat or phone (02) 6684 4748 or send us an email via our contact form.