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How to get started

Thank you for interest in booking an initial appointment. 

Psychologists in general are busy at the moment and as such Mullumbimby Psychology is currently maintaining a waitlist. We encourage you to complete our enquiry form below to not delay seeking help. You are always welcome to not proceed or seek services elsewhere. 

Please feel free to contact us via phone on 02 66844748 or send us an email via our Contact Us page to find out more information if you haven’t already – including potential wait times and which psychologists have their books open. Alternatively, if you are keen you, can jump right in and complete our enquiry form below. This is the first step towards getting an appointment (this helps provide us with invaluable information to support you). Please note, whilst we can assist with most requests for psychological counselling, there are some things we don’t do – so please contact us and check if you have any concerns.


For any urgent mental health care needs please contact the Mental Health Access Line on: 1800 011 511 as we are not an emergency service.