Jaione Garcia Huarte

Registered Psychologist
02 6684 4748
50 min standard session

Full fee – $190 (*$96.65 out of pocket expense with a GP Mental Health Plan)

Concession – $145 (*$51.65 out of pocket expense with a GP Mental Health Plan)

Travel, phone calls and reports will be charged at standard hourly rates in 15 minute increments.

*Medicare rebate $93.35 with a GP Mental Health Plan

Medicare rebate with a GP Mental Health Plan
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Jaione Garcia Huarte

Monday, Friday and Saturday appointments.
Clients:  Children and Adolescents up to 14 years.

Jaione is a registered General Psychologist (AHPRA) and holds membership in the Australian Psychology Society (MAPS). From an early age, Jaione has always had a strong sense of compassion for individuals in need of support and a passionate drive to help them thrive during challenging mental and emotional situations. This led Jaione to pursue a degree in Psychology and a master’s in clinical psychology, with a specialization in Childhood and Adolescent mental health. Additional studies were also undertaken in various areas such as Gestalt, Somatic Studies, EMDR, Flash Technique, Mindfulness, and Hypnotherapy.

Jaione holds a particular passion for working with children who have emotional issues and complex trauma backgrounds. The approach is culturally informed, and there is a dedicated commitment to supporting children in overcoming challenges and unlocking their full potential.

Integration Technique Therapy (ITT) is the central therapeutic approach used by Jaione, tailored specifically for children up to 14 years old dealing with emotional issues and complex trauma experiences. ITT is a non-intrusive and integrative method that blends evidence-based techniques to help children process trauma at an unconscious level. The primary goal of ITT is to facilitate healing in a gentle and respectful manner, prioritizing the emotional and mental well-being of the child.

In Jaione’s therapeutic approach, playful elements are incorporated during the sessions, such as the use of video games. These engaging activities, when used within a therapeutic framework, have been shown to effectively alleviate symptoms of anxiety and depression. Additionally, Jaione utilizes subconscious techniques like the Flash Technique to address discomforting memories and negative self-beliefs without causing further distress to the individual. Furthermore, relaxation techniques, including Mindfulness practices, are also integrated into the therapeutic process.

Through the integration of challenging memories and negative self-beliefs, children can experience an overall improvement in their well-being. This positive transformation involves the development of more constructive self-beliefs, improved verbal expression of emotions and behaviours, and a reduction in reactive responses triggered by environmental stimuli.