If you are unwell please ask about telehealth

If you or your child are due to attend a session and are not well we request that you please stay home and either call or email and let us know. Almost all of our funding sources allow for either telephone or video sessions so please ask about this if you feel well enough to proceed with a session from home. Please provide as much notice as possible of any cancellations or requests for telehealth sessions.

Mental health emergencies

NSW Health are asking clients to phone ahead and not simply present at emergency for mental health support. If you are known to the Acute Care Team, please make contact directly. Alternatively please call the Mental Health Access Line on: 1800 011 511. Please note their may be lengthy delays at present. We recommend accessing the Beyond Now Safety Plan provided by Beyond Blue. You can download and personalise the app on both android and apple phones or create and print or email your own plan via the Beyond Blue website:

This plan is best created when you are not in the middle of a mental health crisis and with the support of a trusted person.

How do I prepare for a telehealth session?

Please prepare for a telehealth session as you would a face-to-face session.

  • ensure you have access to a private space,
  • inform those living in your house that you have an appointment so not to interrupt you,
  • have access to paper, pens, tissues or anything else you might need,
  • don’t attend under the influence of drugs or alcohol,
  • test your technology (make sure your tech batteries are charged and conduct a test call to check your microphone and camera and speakers if accessing videoconferencing),
  • mentally prepare for your session and plan your desired outcomes.

In addition please click here to download our Telehealth Consent Form you are required to review and accept prior to commencing telehealth.


As psychologists, we are required to monitor you mental health. One of the ways we do this is through self-report questionnaires. Please complete the DASS or K10+ by clicking on the links below when requested by your psychologist.

DASS 21 (Depression, Anxiety and Stress Scale):

K10+ (Kessler Psychological Distress Scale questionnaire):

Payment and billing options

Mullumbimby Psychology will email an invoice to Telehealth clients after their session. We request where possible you provide permission to securely store your card details and to have any future Telehealth sessions automatically charged. Should you be faced with financial difficulties, including job loss, let us know so we can take your particular situation into account.

You are also welcome to pay for a session via the phone. To pay via the phone for a session please call us on 66844748 . Alternatively you can pay securely online:

Make a payment:

Claim a medicare rebate

Our preferred method for telehealth clients claiming any eligible medicare rebate is via our online system. To access this you must register your bank details with medicare. Please click here to go to Services Australia and search ‘update your bank account details‘. Alternatively you can call medicare on their general enquiries number on 132011 to update your details.

You can claim your medicare rebate in person at our office or via medicare offices.

Video conferencing and our virtual wait room

If you are attending a video conference session, you can wait in our virtual wait room for our psychologist to join you and start the session. We are fortunate to have access to secure, professional and versatile technology. It is very easy to use and does not require a strong knowledge of technology. Nor do you need to download any software. Please use Google Chrome, Apple Safari 12 or higher, Mozilla Firefox or Microsoft Edge. Please click here to access our information brochure. To access your session go directly to: